Conjured Bliss by Brigit Zahara

Tricks and Treats

Ellora’s Cave

Vampire, quickie, ménage a trois

ISBN: 9781419912559

Reviewed by Amelia



As Halloween approaches, Callie becomes very melancholy, missing the two men, Vance and Hart, with whom she worked last Halloween. After a misunderstanding they broke apart, and she is missing them more and more.

The two vampire magicians miss her too, and when they ask her to come and work with them on Halloween she agrees, for one night only.

Conjured Bliss has an interesting premise, and I liked Callie’s character very much. Unfortunately overblown descriptions of vampire genitalia, including the words grapefruits and oranges, and the massive amounts of sperm they could produce made my eyes widen in disbelief and took me out of the story. While I enjoyed the characters themselves, this part of Conjured Bliss didn’t work for me, and in the end it made it hard for me to enjoy the tale.


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