Compromised by Nathalie Gray

Red Sage Publishing

Futuristic, Sci Fi

ISBN: 9781603101486

Reviewed by Jo



Jo-Ann "Jojo" Da Silva is part of the extraction team who are directed to get an agent out.  Things go wrong right from the beginning and it's obvious they have been sold out by someone.  They were expected, but Jojo is still going to get that agent.  One more thing goes wrong, the captured agent is the man that walked out on her, Mathias Horsen.  Mathias had reasons for leaving Jojo, but has regretted it ever since.  Now Mathias is not going to leave her again, he only has to convince Jojo to see things his way.  Jojo is a rules follower but sometimes rules are just made to be broken.

What to do when the man that walked out on you now needs your help in the most desperate way?  In Compromised Jojo has to figure this out while trying to keep both her and Mathias alive.  Mathias knows this is his last chance to have Jojo as his.  He just has to convince her that his plan is the way to live out their lives.  Mathias and Jojo absolutely combusted together, and the sparks were flying even when he was tied up.  I could see that Mathias and Jojo were total opposites yet absolutely perfect together.  Mathias and Jojo in Compromised are hot and erotic and made me shiver.


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