Checkpoint by Kit Zheng

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Evern is not having a good day and getting harassed at the airport checkpoint by a hard-nosed security guy is just the icing on his nasty cake.  First he gets humiliated by his live-in lover in public, whom he has supported through med school and now he is running away with no place to go.  However, his encounter with Officer Regan, the security guy, just might be the pick me up that Evern needs to get his life back on track…

Checkpoint is a lava-hot quick read that will leave you panting for breath and wishing for more of Evern and Regan.  Kit Zheng did an amazing job in creating characters that will pull you in to their lives and feeling like they are real part of your reality.  The encounter between Evern and Regan is so hot that it will melt your pants off and leave you hoping that Kit Zheng brings them back soon in a longer story full of yummy hotness!  Get yourself Checkpoint today – you will love it and become a Kit Zheng fan in the bargain!


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