Chains of Love by Katrina Strauss

Blue Ruin series, Book 3

Loose-id Books


ISBN: 978-1-59632-764-1

Reviewed by Ley



Blue and Dereks’ relationship reaches new heights as Derek steps up Blue’s training.  Their living environment limits how much they can explore of the BDSM world, but as Derek contemplates their future Blue inadvertently finds an answer to their plight.

Blue, notorious for finding himself in dangerous and deadly situations, is kidnapped by Balkan Mobsters.  As only Blue and Derek can they turn this perilous situation to their advantage when it turns out the leader of the mob is a Dom with a playroom beyond Derek’s and Blue’s greatest dark fantasies.  Things become very intense when Sasha, the mob boss and a very stern Dominant becomes involved in Blue’s training. Sasha is not one to take lightly Blue’s obstinate personality. 

Chains of Love the third installment of the Blue Ruin series takes some crazy twist and turns.  Blue finds himself in another sticky situation where he could get killed but Derek comes to his rescue and the two of them take a very strange opportunity and turn it to their advantage.  This story was interesting at most, and even though I liked the Balkan mobsters, I was not crazy about this story line.  I would have liked this third installment to tackle some of the loose ends that were left from the second book, but instead Chains of Love created more loose ends. Followers of this series will not be disappointed with the BDSM aspect of the story.  The BDSM play has definitely reached a higher level between the boys, but luckily Blue is still his obstinate self when it comes to being fully dominated and I hope that never changes.  I suggest reading the series in sequential order to get full enjoyment from the characters and the storyline direction.


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