Carnal Hunger by Tawny Taylor

Twilight’s Possession, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Vampire / Ménage a trois

ISBN: 9781419914119

Reviewed by Jo



Now her mother has disappeared again, this time cleaning out Jasmyne’s apartment of saleable items, including a package that Jasmyne was to deliver as part of her job as a carrier.  Now Jasmyne not only needs to find her mother but to track her down before she hocks the package and it’s contents.

Asher Pryce has many things on his mind, including the fact that the group he began has turned totally against everything he believes in.  Asher has put off his blood bonding until he is almost too weak to do anything about it.  However, his best friend, Draven Falk, has arrived and he has agreed to help Asher with both of his problems.  Draven has come to Asher at the moment he is being tugged in quite a few ways.  Draven is very worried that to help one party, he is going to hurt another whom he cares about.

Jasmyne sees Draven and Asher at the airport and can’t quite understand why they picked her to kidnap or why.  For Draven and Asher this is far from their first blood bonding but something is very different with this one, especially for Draven.  There is some deeper connection between Draven and Jasmyne that even Asher can feel.  Jasmyne, Asher and Draven spend their nights trying to locate Jasmyne’s mother and the ancient relic that she stole. The days are partially eaten up in erotic bedplay to see if they can conquer the hunger that has sprung up between them.  Draven is pushed and pulled until survival of all of his loved ones comes down to one night.  Will Asher, Jasmyne and Draven be able to overcome the danger to them or will mistrust and betrayal undo the threesome just when they need to be at their strongest?

Carnal Hunger took me back into the world of the Sons of Twilight and this time the lifelong friendship of Asher and Draven is put on the line along with Jasmyne when the wrong group tries to get its hands on another relic that could harm the society.  Asher and Draven willingly pair up to form their blood-bond and Jasmyne is the perfect third in their eyes.  Jasmyne and Draven somehow gain a connection unlike any known by them and Asher becomes their stabilizing partner to hold them all together.  When Asher and Draven agree to help Jasmyne locate her mother and the relic, it quickly became apparent that it was an artifact the Sons of Twilight needed to gain control of.  Once again I was lost in a world where threesomes are a given and even more political intrigue.  Whether you are a lover of erotic ménages or suspense or vampires, Carnal Hunger will have something for you. 

I now wonder just where the Sons of Twilight will go on. I will be watching to see where the next book in this series heads.



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