Carnal Ambition by Michelle OíNeill & Lindsey Bayer

AEssyrian World series, Book 2

Double Dragon Press

Science Fiction/Fantasy

ISBN: 1-55404-404-9

Reviewed by Lisa



Dr. Harlan Ambrose has come to this world, to the AEssyrian Kingdom, to treat these aliens with human technology and to learn their methods of medical care.  The people are more brutal, battle hungry it seems and itís somewhat difficult for Harlan to fit in or understand them.

Half AEssyrian and half human, General Gavin Theron commands the armies of the AEssyrian Kingdom.  Gavin watches the power plays going on with the high council, Princess Shatara and his own officers with some disgust knowing for the most part it is pointless.

The current ruler is worthless, her son is a little boy and the kingdom is ripe for a takeover.  Now on the scene is Megolyth who intends to become the king.  At the same time Gavin has been terribly rude and disrespectful towards Harlan and she wonít have anything to do with him.  Gavin knows he made a huge mistake and seeks to apologize to Harlan and win her back.  The couple has reached a crossroad and the kingdom is in an uproar.  Amid the back drop of a possible civil war these lovers will try and find some middle ground and renew their love.

Carnal Ambition is the epic love story between a human and an alien on another world, in another time.  There are layers within layers of intrigue, love, hate and ambition.  While Carnal Ambition can be understood it would be better to read the first story to truly know what is going on.  The love, hate relationship between Gavin and Harlan spans the struggle for control of the kingdom.  Love can be a fragile thing and the people in Carnal Ambition prove it.


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