Burning Hunger by Tawny Taylor

Twilight’s Possession, Book 1

Ellora’s Cave

Vampire / Ménage a trois

ISBN: 9781419910548

Reviewed by Jo



Brea Maguire is just about to start on her first job as a private detective but first she has to get through Friday the Thirteenth, not her best day anytime it comes around.  While doing some last minute shopping, Brea is kidnapped by two men that could fall in with the Chippendales no problem.  When Brea is unbound, she tries to convince them that they just don’t figure into her immediate plans.

Dayne Garrott is part of the vampire race that is known as the Sons of Twilight.  It is almost his time of needing to engage in a blood-bond.  Dayne has blamed the ruling family for the deaths of his family for many, many years wanting only to seek vengeance and now he is being forced to accept a blood-bond with the King’s younger brother.  Marek Setara is not only a Son of Twilight, but also the King’s brother.  Marek is well aware that Dayne would rather kill him than join with him, but he sees the logic and Marek has the perfect female all picked out.

Dayne, Marek and Brea don’t start off on the best footing, but after the first night of bonding there is no going back. Marek agrees to help Brea with her job – to find the Sacred Triad but for reasons of his own.  Dayne would also like to get his hands on the Triad but funny enough his need for revenge seems to lessen as the blood-bond goes on.  When the bonding time goes by will Brea, Dayne and Marek have accomplished everything they wanted to when it began and what about that hunger that just won’t seem to go away?

Burning Hunger introduces the Sons of Twilight.  A species of vampires who have to become a threesome at certain times in their lives and enter into a blood-bond in order to survive.  All of the partners learn intimate details of the other’s lives during this bonding.  Brea can’t believe that once again Friday the Thirteenth has stricken her again when she is taken by two of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen.  Dayne and Marek have been ordered to enter into the bond together, although Dayne would rather have anyone else.  For a while it seemed that all three of the partners had their own agendas but as the plot went on it became clear that all three were going to come out on the same road and would end up focused with the same goal.  Ms. Taylor intrigued me with her sub-culture within our world and how it had the same type of problems when it came to politics.  Of course the extremely erotic sex with which Brea, Marek and Dayne engage in added to the plot in my opinion.  Burning Hunger brings vampires, royal intrigue and ménage all together in a way that will excite vampire lovers all over. 


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