Breaking Faith by M. King

Freyaís Bower

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-935013-35-8

Reviewed by Cassie



Ski instructor Brett Derwent meets Tommy Hawks at a ski shop when heís getting a studentís ski repaired.  They hit it off immediately and become friends.  Brettís planning to go to college soon and doesnít want to start anything more, but an attraction to Tommy blindsides him. 

Tommy Hawks has a lot to deal with.  His father is an abusive drunk, and Tommy has to work to help support the family.  Anything more than friendship with Brett is out of the question.  Or is it?

And when things go very wrong in Tommyís life, will Brett stick with him?

As a portrayal of abuse, its aftermath, and how lives can be destroyed by it, Breaking Faith rang painfully true to me.  Tommyís tendency to hide and deny what was going on, while frustrating, was realistic.  So was Brettís anger at Tommyís secrets and reactions.  The two young menís budding relationship was lovely to read.  The secondary characters are extremely well-drawn.  The storyline had a lot of angst, emotion, and drama.  What happens with Tommy and his father is believable on just about every level.  Brettís loyalty is tested and proven time and time again.  My problem with Breaking Faith was that it depressed the heck out of me.  Donít get me wrong, I enjoy realism in a story, but this was a bit much for me.  I donít want to spoil the story by saying exactly what happens, so Iíll say that while the ending might be happy to many people, I was left feeling sad.  I enjoyed M. Kingís writing and would probably read something else by the author, but I hope itís something a bit more cheerful. 


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