Brackets by AKM Miles

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-318-5

Reviewed by Lisa



A rewarding career in photojournalism is something Austin Edmunds cherishes.  Austin knows the difference between a rough life on the mean streets versus a flourishing life in Manhattan.  It was a vow and a dream as a teenager that helped push Austin past harsh obstacles toward success.  Being gay certainly didnít make things any easier.

News footage of a horrible act sends Austin to the Smoky Mountains to follow up on the story.  By chance or luck his assistant has Austin staying with her brother, Brack Edge who literally takes Austinís breath away.

The people and places Austin sees during his journey will make this a life altering experience.  Meeting Brack has made the trip so much sweeter.  Perhaps itís time for the city boy to reassess his life and decide what makes him truly happy.

Brackets is a very clever mix of lusty, sweaty carnal encounters alongside heart wrenching moments in time.  Mutual attraction and chemistry between the two main characters becomes hotter with each new page while the secondary cast proves to be pivotal to Brackets storyline.  There are a few times when the plot borders on clichťs but author AKM Miles manages to turn the circumstances into exceptional moments instead.  Blending sizzling sex scenes followed by meaningful moments isnít easy but Brackets manages both beautifully.


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