Bounty on the Rebel’s Heart

by Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series, book 3

Whiskey Creek Press

Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59374-740-4

Reviewed by Ley



Rebel Porter lost everything because of the ‘Network’.  His father and his wife’s deaths were connected to the ‘Network’, and the rogue agent Giles Jameson.  Reb wants  the Network and Jamison to pay for what they did to his family. 

Network Agent Natalie Francis goes uncover as Rebel’s ex girlfriend.  Her features are altered to those of journalist Adrienna Kelly in order to gain Rebel’s trust and the evidence he has against the Network.  In the beginning going after Rebel was just another job, a mission for Natalie, after finding him she finds herself wanting to abandon the network to be with him.  But knowing what they know neither one of them will be safe.

Bounty on the Rebel’s Heart does not disappoint.  This is a fantastic suspense novel, Natalie/Adrienna and Reb are a great team.  I’m so fascinated by this society Karen Wiesner created. I can definitely see these books as serial movies.  Her characterization is so strong and the characters are full of passion for the work they do and the people they love.  Bounty On the Rebel’s Heart is the third installment to the Incognito series, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone.


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