Boolicious by K.Z. Snow

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-008-7

Reviewed by Chris



Hannah Blue is in a bit of bind. She made a bet with her eccentric Aunt Kate that she’d get laid before November first. Now she has just one night to find a willing man or woman or she’ll lose a hundred bucks to her aunt. Her second problem? Aunt Kate is also a practicing - if somewhat distracted – witch, and she’s dabbled in a little sympathetic magic to “help” Hannah along.

Zachary Evan Whitmore insists he isn’t a bad man - it’s just that his Halloween night has taken an unexpected turn. Justine, the woman he planned to have sex with, turns out to be married, and her husband personally escorts him out of the house and directly into Hannah’s path. Hannah can’t resist a cute face and a man clad only in red bikini briefs and a vampire cape. She offers him her couch for the night until he can retrieve his truck in the morning.

To quote Ms. Snow herself, “Will things go bump in this night?”

Despite a horrific cover that made me giggle, Boolicious isn’t a bad read. I can say with absolute certainty I’ve never heard a hymen called a dick trampoline. If reading about gushing pussies, bat cock rings, squid-shaped dildos, and Captain Nemo and a Sponge Bob clone going at it rings your bell, then Boolicious is not to be missed. If you’re expecting a heroine who doesn’t do things that might get her injured, raped, murdered or left with a sexually transmitted disease, you may want to bypass this story. One thing is certain - you’ll want to share this tale with a friend or lover, if only for its absurdity factor.


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