Bonded Hearts by Marty Rayne

Dragon Riders, Book 1

Loose Id

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-580-7

Reviewed by Jo



Detective Nick Montgomery gets badly injured while trying to capture a serial killer.  When he wakes up it is to find that he is no longer in Florida, as a matter of fact, he is no longer even on Earth.  Still injured, Nick is sold to a voice that he thought he heard during his dreams.  Nick is woken up by the sexiest man he has seen in awhile, Kel is his name but that gives Nick no clue as to who he is or where he is.

Jax is a young dragon and Kel is her rider.  When dragons find and bond with their riders, it is an all-consuming bond that leads them to become lovers and causes them to protect each other while protecting the citizens of their world.   Jax is use to having all of Kelís attention and now that he has brought home this stranger. Someone who is not only taking Kel's attention from her, but who is making her feel things that should not be possible.  A dragon can only have one rider.  So why canít Jax harm Nick and just make him go away?

When a sorcerer tries to deify the fates and puts all three of them in danger, Jax, Kel and Nick discover that just because something has never happened before does not mean itís impossible.  Itís going to take all three of them using their skills and knowledge to make sure that they get the chance to explore the wondrous connection between them.

In Bonded Hearts Nick, Kel and Jax all have to come to terms with the new relationship that is forming.  Nick will need to decide if being with Jax and Kel is worth not returning to Earth; Jax will have to learn to share Kel but that wonít be so hard because she will now have two men to play with; and Kel will have another lover he is attracted to and someone to help him with Jax.  All three of these characters had things about them that drew me into finding out not only what had happened but also the interconnections, like how Kel and Nick came together quickly while it took Jax much longer to discover the link between them.   Jax kept me wondering as she quickly changed from spoiled teenager, to sensual woman to pretty fierce dragon.  Nick and Kel sparked off each other immediately which, when Jax was brought in, kept me flipping the pages to see if they would finally get together.  Ms. Rayne has created a world that I have fallen for and canít wait to visit again.  Bonded Hearts is a sensual and action-packed story that dragon lovers will not want to miss.


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