Black Opals by Crystal Jordan

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary, Rubenesque

ISBN: 9781419918797

Reviewed by Jo



Lorna Malone should be having a wonderful day after a night of fantastic sex but it's not working out that way.  First off, the sex was with her best friend and she is afraid that it might end a lifetime friendship with the sexiest man she knows. Then, she sneaks out to work only to lock her keys in the car, while having cases of black opal jewelry in her trunk, and she has to call the same man she just left.   Just shoot her now.

Tyrone Forrester is a SWAT officer and he is currently madder than he has been in a long time.  First he wakes up from a night of amazing sex only to find Lorna gone without a note and then she calls and he can tell she is worried about having to make a small request.  Tyrone is going to help Lorna and he is also going to convince her that last night was something that cannot be forgotten – he plans on recreating it as often as possible.

Tyrone will have his work cut out for him because the same thing that turns him on makes Lorna believe she can never be as sexy as men want – her Rubenesque curves.  In a battle between a determined SWAT officer and a lifetime of wrong beliefs, put your money on the SWAT guy every time.

Black Opals are exquisite stones and that perfectly describes the attraction and friendship between Lorna and Tyrone.  Lorna has been burnt before by men being turned off by her figure and has had to pick up the pieces.  Tyrone has already been through one hopeless relationship because of his job.  Lorna and Tyrone give in to their lifetime attraction to each other and experience a night of amazing sex, now they have to decide where and how it will affect their relationship.  I could tell from the opening pages that Tyrone and Lorna were going to be a hot couple, but as their story unfolded I began hoping that one night would only be their beginning.  Tyrone and Lorna had a friendship that only deepened and became richer as their love emerged.  I loved Black Opals for not only the sensual and erotic sex but also for the many facets that Tyrone and Lorna showed. 


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