Bitter Wine by Theolyn Boese

The Ta’e’sha Caesurae, Book 3

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-728-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Ripped from her life on Earth to be mated to an alien, Ruri Takeshi takes out her rage and hurt on the Ta’e’sha male who chose her for his own.

For his part, Kiger had been warned to not pick a woman who has family but he fell hard for Ruri the first time he laid eyes on her and had to have her.

Ruri physically attacks Kiger and verbally assaults everyone else but over time Ruri begins to accept her new life with the help of some of the other women taken.  Her relationship with Kiger however, is almost damaged beyond repair.  Kiger has taken another lover, Hadri who wants both Kiger and Ruri as mates. If Ruri, Kiger and Hadri can’t figure out some way to work things out three lives will be destroyed, permanently.

Bitter Wine is a welcome addition to a unique and sensual series by talented author Theolyn Boese.  Strong characters in an out of this world tale with deep emotional and sexual issues pull readers right into the plot.  Although Bitter Wine is the third story in this futuristic series the basic storyline can be understood on it’s own but, to thoroughly enjoy Bitter Wine start with the first story. Bitter Wine gives us a chance to cheer for Ruri who finally finds happiness.


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