Be With You by Marie Rochelle

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary IR

ISBN: 978-1-60435-065-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Since age 16, Sage Nicole has been desperately in love with Rally Teveare.  Heís ignored her and distanced himself from her until she feels like an outsider.   It doesnít seem to matter that sheís been a part of his family since she lost her parents when she was 10 years old.  Sheís finally come to realize that heíll never belong to her or feel the same way. 

Rally is determined to be true to his Native American roots, which is why heís kept the beautiful and shallow Aponi in his life.  Itís also a useful way to keep Sage at armís length; for him sheís pure temptation.  More and more, his feelings for Sage have become stronger and itís all he can do to keep from ravishing her.  Now the possibility of losing her to another has become a reality.  Does he have the will power to let her go?  And if not, is he willing to forsake his Shawnee heritage to offer her the commitment she deserves?

Be With You is a bittersweet tale of unrequited and denial.  Thereís a genuine level of intensity between Rally and Sage that comes alive in every scene.  I could feel the heat rising from the pages whenever this pair had a confrontation!  No wonder Rally was always so ornery!   Poor Sage found out just how horny he was because he couldnít keep his hands off her and kept going Alpha every chance he got.   It was painful to watch how much he hurt her as he never had a kind word. She never did anything to deserve his cruelty.   Still, Sage is assertive and comes back swinging.  She makes him fight for the right to have a place in her world.  The real question was did Rally earn it?  At times, I didnít think so.  He put her through so much.  

Ms. Rochelle reminds us that love doesnít make sense, and if itís the real deal, itís unconditional.   Sage loved Rally and when he stopped being a jerk, Rally couldnít deny that he needed Sage to be truly happy.  This story reminds you how sometimes building a strong past with person can carve a pathway to a happy future.  Once you set your feet down onto that road thereís no turning back when itís the right person at the right time.


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