Bewitching The Bachelor

by Suzanne Marie Calvin

Amber Quill


ISBN 13: 978-1-59279-604-5 (Electronic) 

13: 978-1-59279-685-4 (Paperback)

Reviewed by Amelia



Bianca Honeywell is a hereditary witch, a direct descendent of Celia, whose love affair gone bad made her place a curse on all of her lover’s male descendents. Bianca, who provides healing powders and readings for clients, knows that men, all men, shy away from her for fear of falling under the spell of the curse. She’s learned to live with it, and uses her craft only for good.


Luke Hale is a reporter who knows that his family has lost several men to the curse. Looking for a good story, he arrives in Bianca’s town intent on proving there is no magic, and there is no truth to the curse.


When Bianca and Luke meet, sparks fly. Literally. Bianca begins to have visions of things from the past, and she knows that she and Luke are meant to help put an end to the curse. But can she convince him of that?


Bewitching the Bachelor is a sweet, enticing tale that pulls you in from page one and keeps you interested until the very last page. I really enjoyed the interplay between Bianca and Luke. They love was real, and pure, and makes the reader believe in magic.

Ms. Calvin has taken an intriguing premise and turned it into a fun novel. Lovers of the paranormal will want to snap this one up.


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