Better than a Sale by Chris Owen

Torquere Press

Erotic Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Shayna



It’s Halloween night and costume shop owner Marco Prince can’t wait to get home and relax.  The problem is that hordes of last minute shoppers have left his store a disaster.  Dreading the clean-up, Marco is happy for a distraction when Saul shows up, eager to find the last items he needs to win a week-long scavenger hunt.  But this isn’t your ordinary scavenger hunt.  With a costume, a camera, and a kiss, the simmering sexual tension between Marco and Saul fast goes over the boiling point.  Halloween’s about to get a whole lot hotter.

Something wicked this way comes and I couldn’t be more charmed.  Better than a Sale is a wonderful, devilishly entertaining tale.  Marco and Saul are both sexy, fun, likeable characters.  Right from the start, the chemistry between them was red-hot and I delighted in watching the sexual tension build to the point of combustion.  Forget the tricks; Better than a Sale is a deliciously naughty Halloween treat that is sure to satisfy all year ‘round.


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