Betrayed by Eileen Ann Brennan

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN 1-59578-217-6

Reviewed by Ley



Resigned to marry as a duty to her country, Princess Arrianna of Bethany’s plans to meet her betrothed are derailed when her travelling party is ambushed.  Arrianna quickly learns that the culprit whose taken her hostage is the very same man who stole her heart and innocence years ago, Andre’ de le Monte, the Black Wolfe.

Andre fled Arrianna with her virginity and the blood of her father’s death on his hands, now he has resurfaced to claim what belongs to him.  Arrianna was meant to be his bride and Andre’ was not going to let any other man claim her.  Andre believed that once Arrianna was in his possession she would again be in his bed and this time permanently.

Faced with renewed passion and reawakened feelings for a man who betrayed her trust and broke her heart, Arrianna finds herself torn between her feelings for Andre' and her loyalty to her family and country.

Eileen Ann Brennan wastes no time in getting the action started in Betrayed. The story opens in the midst of chaos as Arrianna and her travelling companions are lured into Andre’s trap.  Arrianna has a hard time coping with her feelings for Andre’.  She hates him, fears him and loves him all at once.  I wasn’t very taken with Andre’ in the beginning of the story.  He was too much of a dominating overbearing brute, at least on the surface.  As the story progressed Andre’s actions were understandable and I started to really like him.  The chemistry between Andre’ and Arrianna was very sexy and extremely hot. I loved their intimate moments together. The direction of the story and the twists and turns in Betrayed were exciting, unexpected and shocking.  Ms. Brennan did a great job with Betrayed, and I never saw the biggest betrayal of this story coming.  Readers who love historical romances packed with excitement and intrigue Betrayed should not be missed.


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