Beneath the Surface by Sandy Lynn

Club Strigoi, Book 1

MojoCastle Press


ISBN: 1-60180-079-7

Reviewed by Jo



Lalita is a vampire on a mission and is dressing to kill, or at least to get noticed by a certain someone.  Lalita has immersed herself in the Goth lifestyle since moving to Hollywood.  Now she can dress like she wants and having fangs is part of fitting in Ė no one would ever expect a vampire to actually play the part of one.  Tonight she is going to get Garethís attention personally even if she canít get her fangs into him. 

Gareth has wanted Lalita since she joined his little group at the club.  There is just something about her that attracts his attention.  He has watched her flirt, grope and dance the night away.  Gareth knows that he wants her, but there is a very special reason why he canít just take what he wants.

Lalita and Gareth explode together at the club but they both seem to have secrets that they are keeping from the other.  Secrets lead to misunderstandings that lead to even worse Ė heartbreak.  Can Lalita and/or Gareth find the understanding to look at what is just under their public self in time to find out just where their passion can lead or will they be forever apart?

Beneath the Surface leads into the Goth club Strigoi and even further into the lives of two of its patrons.  Lalita knows that Gareth is everything she wants in a mate, the only problem is that she knows he is human.  Gareth knows there is something very special about Lalita but there is a reason he is the leader of their little group and she might not be able to accept it.  I spent my time both laughing and shaking my head while reading about all of Lalitaís schemes and Garethís indifference.  These two really do take the phrase Ė donít ask, donít tell Ė to extremes.  I was getting worried that the truth would never come out for these two and was very happy when they did discover the ultimate truth.  Another phrase that came to mind while reading Beneath the Surface was Ė never assume.

Beneath the Surface is hot, funny, and mind-boggling.  In other words, itís a story you wonít want to miss.


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