Bend Over, Big Boy edited by Kit Zheng

Anthropology by Chris Owen, Matt Stedman, Mychael Black, Anah Crow, K.C. Warwick, Eider Grey, Jamie Booth, C.B. Potts, Martin Delacroix, Noel Blue, Meredith Shrike, Autumn Winterwind, G.S. Wiley, C.A. James, Clare London and Syd McGinley

Torquere Press

Contemporary, Paranormal and Futuristic M/M Romances

ISBN: 978-1-60370-422-9

Reviewed by Lisa



“Logan’s Project” by Chris Owen

Logan relishes his role as the boss on his community restoration project doing rehab work.  After hours Logan runs into Toby or ‘Mr. Big’ as Logan thinks of him.  Lust is on Logan’s mind and the big, ex-military guy would make a wonderful main course.  In fact, Mr. Big would be an entire meal if he is willing, absolutely delicious, if he’s interested.

Straightforward lust headlines “Logan’s Project” by talented author Chris Owen.  There is no subterfuge here with Logan stumbling a little at first and then spelling out what he wants, ‘Mr. Big’ counters and satisfaction is achieved.  “Logan’s Project” is lusty sex, pure and simple.


“Spike” by Matt Stedman

It is supposed to be the usual Tuesday night friendly Volleyball Intramural games but the East End Enforcers and the Judy Garland Memorial are not friendly rivals.  The straight team has a hard time losing regularly to a bunch of gay guys.  Ben Edwards of the Enforcers is always a jerk and it pisses Carl off that this kind of thing is still going on today.  What is Ben’s problem?

Testosterone runs hot and heavy in “Spike” with good reason. The idea of straight men being tougher and stronger doesn’t hold if the gay team always wins now does it.  At the same time secret desires ask the reader to look deeper into characters in denial.  “Spike” becomes a modern fable for adults only.


“Release” by Mychael Black

Jared fights in a cage against opponents to release his pent up werewolf energy.  After his latest win Jared cruises the bar for a little sexual release and spots Geoff, a gorgeous diminutive man.  Once cornered, Geoff turns out to be much more than Jared expected to his delight.

“Releasepacks a one, two punch between the two very dominant men who both seek the top position.  The sexual tension leaps off the pages and readers will enjoy every minute of the show!


“Lessons in Kneeling” by Anah Crow

Tiras of the royal family of Rhyenth and his advisor Lian await the morning to sign papers for the surrender of Stratymos.  Some form of physical abasement is expected of Tiras as well.  Proud and defiant Tiras can’t believe he must bow to another. Somehow Lian must make Tiras understand his duty to his people and their well being over his own personal feelings.

“Lessons in Kneeling” is a powerful study in dignity and class.  The beginning is somewhat difficult to understand with unknown characters, places, etc. but the heart of “Lessons in Kneeling” is very meaningful.  Moments of tenderness make way for exquisite sensual play.  The start is confusing but the finish is special.


“No Man’s Servant” by K.C. Warwick

The English Civil War is all around him but Nicholas ‘Nick’ Makespeace makes his living as a blacksmith, a furrier who shoes horses for either side.  A loose shoe brings John Wyatt, a Royalist to Nick’s forge.  It doesn’t matter what side a man supports when loneliness stretches forward if both are interested, right?

No strings sex is the order of the day in “No Man’s Servant”.  Some twists and turns make this good story even better.  Nick is solid and true while John is a charming scamp who makes “No Man’s Servant” a true delight.


“Rider’s on the Storm” by Eider Grey

For the past year Coyote has been trying to entice motorcycle leader Poet.  So far Poet has ignored the signals but Coyote isn’t willing to quit trying just yet.  The other four guys don’t have a clue that Coyote desires Poet but what will it take for the leader to give him second a chance?

“Rider’s on the Storm” is a fast and frantic moment in time for a biker crew.  The start is confusing as it took awhile to figure out who these characters are and what their dialogue means.  “Rider’s on the Storm” is quick and slightly brutal like the biker’s themselves at times.  A different kind of story.


“Drive” by Jamie Booth

Coordinating this robbery requires a driver and Jase finds his guy at the bar next to the gym.  Sam agrees and because Jase brought him in for the job any screw ups are on Jase’s head and both will pay for any mistakes.  “Drive” examines how errors are dealt with sometimes harshly and other times brutally.  While Sam doesn’t mind his punishment, I found it awkward and unrealistic.  It spoiled “Driver” for me.


“In the Hole” by C.B. Potts

Being a gay Corrections Officer is sometimes difficult for Grant when it comes to his co-workers and he definitely doesn’t want the inmates to know or work would be total hell.  Grant and his partner Rusty like to role play at home with their fantasies coming to life.  Of course sometimes it can feel more like real life instead of pretend.  Better not forget the safe word if things get too intense!

“In the Hole” explores sexual fantasies taken as far as the players are willing to go and sometimes that line may become blurred.  Whispered desires jokingly spoken can come back to bite you in the butt or enrich your sex life.  Decide for yourself when you readIn the Hole”.


“Fuck Me…Please” by Martin Delacroix

With no intention of re-enlisting in the Marines, Forrest finds himself at loose ends in San Francisco when he meets Tyler at a bar.  Tyler is port side for less than a week and plans to spend his nights screwing.  Tyler seems to think sex is just that but can Forrest go all the way with another guy?


Fuck Me…Please” explores the line people choose to step over for sex.  There’s no true coercion between Tyler and Forrest but is patience and passion a form of coercion in itself? 


“The Ghost” by Noel Blue

The police force is stumped and even their best man, Detective Neill Margrave is literally having fits because he can’t catch the master thief, nicknamed The Ghost.  No clues, solid evidence or a trace of The Ghost but a lab tech named Sloane has found a note addressed to Neill to meet and get his answers.  Frustrated and intrigued Neill wonders if he should meet with this daring thief in order to catch him.

A slippery thief versus a professional cop is featured in this fun, sexy and scintillating story titled “The Ghost”.  Snappy dialogue and a great twist make “The Ghost” an unforgettable plot and terrific characters.


“Like Clockwork” by Meredith Shrike

Attempting to steal the Giltruby Arietis of House Xersetus, Captain Gideon P. Hightower is hanging in special cuffs, caught and snared.  A very sexy guard named Jules Alexander is standing there gloating for having caught the wily fox.  But, is the thief truly caught or is Jules perhaps crowing a bit too soon?

Witty, sometimes silly fun and great sexual banter among other things puts “Like Clockwork” at the head of the pack.  Not only is “Like Clockwork” entertaining to read but the twists and turns in the plot make this tale even more amusing.


“A Game of Empire” by Autumn Winterwind

Rebel leader Haensl ‘Hans’ Schmidt has been captured and brought aboard Vice Admiral Friedrich ‘Fritz’ von Bielifeld’s ship.  It will take weeks to transport the prisoner to the Emperor and in that time Fritz hopes to get Hans to stop the rebellion and accept a position under Fritz. Long ago they were lovers – will that hinder Fritz’s plans for Hans or help the situation?  In less than a month an answer must be given.

Old hurts and clever maturity are at the heart of “A Game of Empire” with two equally intelligent adversaries and past lovers.  A study in trust, respect and the willingness to commit honorably are at the center of “A Game of Empire” with a side of BDSM thrown in.


“Crocodile Bird” by G.S. Wiley

Ancient Rome is in its glory while Egyptian freeman Rahotep enjoys his life and the occasional company of Centurion Tiberius Cordius of the Sixteenth Legion.  When on leave Cordius spends time with his woman and children but by and large he stays with Rahotep who never knows if Cordius will make it home after each campaign.  Rahotep cannot ask for more but wishes he could so badly.

“Crocodile Bird” is a lovely tale of what one wishes for verses what is realistic to hope for in life. Rahotep is an easy character to sympathize with. This is a thoroughly enjoyable short and sweet treat.


“Personal Time” by C.A. James

The corner office at work, money in the bank and all that goes with it but Andrew Lin finds that when he has unexpected free time he feels somewhat restless.  Visiting his friend Russell ‘Sant’ Santiago earlier than anticipated that day he meets Sant’s new personal trainer Akash who sets off signals Andrew wishes to explore.  Maybe it’s time that Andrew has some personal attention to his body, the sooner the better.

“Personal Time” paces well and builds itself perfectly to finish with heady, sizzling fireworks. Career driven and highly motivated, Andrew is an alpha about to learn a few things once he loosens up and trusts Akash with his body, both dreamy alpha characters. Hot and scorching, “Personal Time” ends with a bang!


“Open Up” by Clare London

He noticed the man amongst all the others waiting in the dental office.  The man is big, buff and when they lock eyes he felt a knowing spark.  Forgotten by days end, he is straightening the room and the man is suddenly there for him to submit or deny a quick screw. Take it or leave it, what’s it going to be?

The tale “Open Up” offers two unidentified men expecting a fast moment together and getting far more than they bargained for in this twisted story. A tangle of D/s is captured in “Open Up”. Fascinating and convoluted at times but not for everyone I’ll bet.


“Unmasked” by Syd McGinley

It is early days in their relationship but things are going well for Hunter and Alan.  One little wrinkle though it’s silly really but Alan it seems hates Halloween and refuses to go to Ray’s annual party which Hunter looks forward to each year.  Hunter eventually resigns himself to going alone without knowing Alan has something planned that Hunter will never forget.

A delightfully sexy duo with fun dialogue makes “Unmasked” sparkle.  The opening may be slightly confusing until you sort out the characters and who is speaking to who but once “Unmasked” gets rolling, the ride builds from sexy entertainment to scorching excitement!

Bend Over, Big Boy is a huge compilation of dramatic, witty and humorous stories filled with raw lust and sexual fulfillment.  Basically there is something for everyone to enjoy.  While there are a couple that I wouldn’t choose myself, by and large Bend Over, Big Boy has an amazing variety of great tales to pick from and thoroughly enjoy. Bend Over, Big Boy is a sure fire not to miss hit!


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