Bad Boy Cowboy by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley Series, book 7

Total-e-Bound Publishing

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-906811-17-4

Reviewed by Ley



Logan Miller has had a crush on his best friendís brother ever since he was a kid.  Coming to Cattle Valley and working on the EZ Does-It gave him the opportunity to be around Jax Brolin once again, but convincing Jax that they belong together was not going to be easy.

Jax had not seen Logan in a long time, the Logan he remembered was a scrawny little kid, not the sexy man who rode up to the ranch and stole his breath away.  Logan was the exact kind of guy Jax did not need in his life.  Heís been involved with bad boys before and the last thing he wants is to have his heart broken again, but resisting Logan may be the hardest thing he has ever had to endure.

Bad Boy Cowboy was a cute story.  Loganís bad boy persona was only on the outside.  He had a tough childhood, the Brolin family was his salvation growing up.  The EZ Does - It ranch seems to be the place for lost cowboys and also the place where love blossoms, this was the case for Logan and Jax.   Jax wanted Logan but he resisted him at every turn.  His constant rejection led Logan to believe that Jax felt Logan was beneath him, but the real reason was because Jax was afraid of getting involved with someone he knew could break his heart.  I was very happy when they finally connected and I loved their interactions together. Logan was just adorable, even when he was being a stubborn idiot; I really liked how things came together for him.  Bad Boy Cowboy was a nice addition to the Cattle Valley series, and even though itís easy to follow the stories no matter which book you begin with, I do suggest reading the series in sequential order.


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