A Werewolf for Christmas by Sedonia Guillone

Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Paranormal/Shape Shifter/Christmas
ISBN: 9781419917004

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Zed Ashton is not having a good year. Not only has he been cheated out of assuming his role as pack Alpha, but he has been injured in the process. Because of this, he has left his pack and embraces solitude to lick his wounds.  Only, there are two problems – Zed thinks he has found his mate and the wolf that injured him is back and this time he wants Zed dead.

Waitress Kristin Havers notices the good-looking, quiet man the minute he begins his meal at the diner where she is working.  Secretly having a crush on him, she anxiously awaits and looks forward to the dinner rush because Kristin knows he will be there. On Christmas Eve, she is not disappointed. Zed shows up, but brings trouble with him.

Holy Moly! Get out the spritzer! A Werewolf for Christmas is hot! There is nothing that makes me tingle in my boots more than an Alpha wolf and his mate. Kristin's complete acceptance of Zed made me all warm and fuzzy inside. And well, Zed, he just made me shiver!

Sedonia Guillone's, A Werewolf for Christmas, is a wonderful and enchanting holiday read.  Zed and Kristin’s chemistry are the real deal and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this magnificent story.  Ms. Guillone continues to enthrall me with her books and A Werewolf for Christmas is no different. I wonder if I am very nice instead of naughty I might be able to have a werewolf for Valentine's Day?


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