A Were-Cat Christmas by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-935-4

Reviewed by Jo



Frankie Lane is stuck in her form of a Persian cat but that is better than the reality of what her parents want for her – a mate that makes her go ewww.  Now she is stuck in a dumpster of a Chinese restaurant.  Finally someone has heard her cries but can someone explain to Frankie how being washed up and put in a cage with a big red bow around her neck be any better?  She is no one’s gift and is just waiting until the cage is opened.

Sam Carsters is a very busy criminal defense attorney who never takes that much time for himself – not even around the holidays.  Now he has found out that his secretary has given him a gift, a live cat of all things.  He doesn’t have time to deal with a cat.  Too tired to deal, Sam gets home and opens the cage and then heads to bed.  That night his dreams are a bit more erotic than normal.

Frankie realizes that she is in mating fever at the same time she finds out exactly who Sam is.  Sam and Frankie come to terms after he recovers from his shock at seeing both her forms.  So what if the only man who makes her body stand up and go meow is Sam?

A Were-Cat Christmas will keep you giggling the entire time.  Frankie runs away to try and figure out what to do when presented with a mate she never wanted.  Only she became stuck in her other form.  Sam likes his life as it is, busy with little social life – that is until he is given a unique Christmas present.  I’m afraid that I did laugh at Frankie’s expense as I discovered her plight to begin with.  However, as Frankie and Sam got to know each other and then later separated, there were several times I either wanted to lock them in a room or knock their heads together.  I did smile as Sam discovered that even attorneys could learn to give a little.  A Were-Cat Christmas has a little sweet, a lot of humor and a hint of erotic that altogether combines to make a great Christmas story.


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