A Week from Sunday by Dorothy Garlock

Grand Central


ISBN: 0446577928

Reviewed by Tori



Adrianna Moore has been warned.  A week after the funeral for her father she is to wed the repulsive man that was left to run her fatherís estates.  Having no options left she makes a run for it.  Adrianna finds herself driving to find her remaining family in the rain when she crashes into an oncoming car.  Can the strong Quinn Baxter keep her safe from her past or will she have to keep running.

Quinn Baxter is a lumberjack and a bar owner.  The day of the car crash he is transporting alcohol to his bar.  The crash leaves him short a piano player when his good friendís hand is cut in the accident.  Adrianna volunteers to work to pay him back for all the damages, but will restitution for the accident bring healing for Quinnís hurting heart?

A Week From Sunday is everything I have come to expect from Dorothy Garlock.  Quinn and Adrianna are a great match despite them coming from different lifestyles.  Quinn is a good man that cares about his friends and family, and despite having been raised a bankerís daughter, Adrianna is loving, and not at all a snob. A Week from Sunday has a story line that keeps you guessing and well-written characters that tickle your romance bone, and to top it off no one writes a villain as well as Dorothy Garlock.


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