A Watch of Nightingales by Sahara Kelly

Ellora's Cave

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419910258

Reviewed by Erys



Marianne has been having erotic dreams that end in a horrible manner that leaves her waking screaming. She's been afraid to sleep because at the end of the very sexy, loving dream, her lover is always killed. When her agent finds a poster advertising dream experts, she decides to give them a try. After all, the teas, meditation and yoga haven't helped so why not try something more extreme?

A Watch of Nightingales is a highly sensual book that will have you turning pages quickly to find out if Marianne can have a happy ending. I found the famous author as a heroine a bit old, but it turned out to not be a major focus in this story. And with the upbeat and sometimes funny scenes with the dream doctors, it kept the story lively and interesting. The ending leaves me wondering if this is a series. If it is, I definitely want to find the next book and find out about the heron.


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