A Walk in the Black Forest

by K.A. MíLady

eXtasy Books

Historical Romance, Time-Travel

ISBN:  1-55410-706-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Gabriella DeVoux is researching the history of an unusual sword when suddenly she wakes up in the 11th century.  Before she can find out how to return home, she winds up in the custody of Damon DeGracey, The Dragon of Blackmoor, a Norman overlord. 

Damon doesnít know what to make of the feisty oddly dressed woman.  Is she a forest sprite, pixie or a Saxon rebel?  No matter how strong the attraction, Damon canít afford to risk his honor and men.  Saxon rebels have been ruthlessly pillaging and razing villages, and itís his duty to capture them, mete out justice and protect the innocent.  The problem is deciding if whether or not Gabriella is a conspirator. 

As Gabriella and Damon grow closer, they become more vulnerable to betrayal and danger.

K.A. MíLady has constructed a visually strong novel that had no trouble convincing me that I had stumbled back through time with Gabriella.  Even if youíre unfamiliar with the history of William the Conqueror, this author solidly describes the political turmoil, tragedy, upheaval and brutality of the time.  She also does a superb job of capturing modern day sensibilities through the eyes of Gabriella.  Another interesting point is how Damon is portrayed; a merciless killing machine with an immeasurable code of honor and loyalty.   I admired his strength in overcoming obstacles that would have crushed most present day men.  Yet, he displayed such a core of inherent decency, tenderness and patience towards Gabriella when those of his station wouldnít have.

A Walk in the Black Forest is a rich tapestry of language, history and imagery.  Damon and Gabriella are attractive and very likeable. There are nicely woven subplots and scenes bursting with action, intrigue and romance to carry you towards a charming HEA.


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