A Touch of Minx by Suzanne Enoch

The Samantha Jellicoe Series, Book 5



ISBN: (13) 978-0-06-087523-7; (10) 0-06-087523-2

Reviewed by Sabella



Sam and Rick are back and struggling as always to see who is in charge.  This time Sam is contracted by a museum to find and “recover” an ancient Japanese suit of armor and two ceremonial swords that went missing ten years ago.  And if that’s not enough, her archenemy Olivia, Donner’s daughter,  wants Sam to recover the stolen Anatomy Man that someone stole out of her classroom.  To Sam both jobs are about the thrill of the hunt, while Rick just thinks about the risk to Sam and the possibilities of her getting “caught out” while seeking the adrenalin rush “recoveries” give to her.

Meanwhile, Rick is trying, not so subtly, to find ways to keep Sam with him permanently without spooking her.  Sam, however, is trying to adapt herself to Rick’s expectations without giving up all the “fun” in her life.  But with her almost-father, Stony, out in the wind while someone seems to be stalking her, trouble is mounting up and Sam and Rick need to figure each other out quickly before things start blowing up in their faces.

A Touch of Minx is a wonderful continuation of Sam and Rick’s story and the fun just keeps pilling on!  Suzanne Enoch does it again with A Touch of Minx just packing the action, romance and plenty of tension from all quarters to keep all readers eagerly turning the pages.  Sam is as spunky as ever while carefully balancing her need for an adrenaline rush and keeping it on the right side of the law to keep Rick’s blood pressure down.  Rick, on the other hand, is as commanding as ever, expecting everyone to jump on his command – except that Sam most definitely does not!  The mix of these two is as hot as ever and the cast of colorful secondary characters demonstrates Suzanne Enoch’s flair and ability to create characters that are flawed, yet appealing.  Get yourself A Touch of Minx for a fun romp with favorite characters Sam and Rick!

Note: A Touch of Minx is the fifth installment in the Sam and Rick adventures, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, it is best enjoyed when the series is read in order.



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