A Strangerís Touch by Cait London

The Aisling Family, Book 2

Avon Books

Paranormal / Contemporary

ISBN: 9780061140518

Reviewed by Jo



Tempest Storm is one of the Aisling triplets who were brought into the light when they were much younger for their gifts.  Tempestís gift is that of touch, with one touch she can see everything about the object and even a person.   Now itís years later and Tempest has changed her name in an attempt to protect herself and her family.  Tempest is on the hunt for a very special brooch that might help tell who is after her family and why.  Tempest might have tracked it down but the current owner is not willing to work with her. 

Marcus Greystone met Tempest a few years ago and they had a wonderful night of sex.  The she was gone, but Marcus isnít ready to let Tempest go without a fight.  After doing what he is best at, research, Marcus has gotten his hands on the one thing it appears Tempest wants the most.  Now lets see if she is willing to help Marcus answer a question that has plagued him since he was a young child. 

Tempest is surprised at the lengths that Marcus has gone to not only get her back but she wants that brooch and she also really does seem to want to be with Marcus some more.  When Tempest and Marcus begin asking questions, they stir up old hates and misgivings.  Attempts on Tempestís life seem to be coming from two fronts Ė the question is are they both involved with the situation Marcus has her looking into or has someone finally tracked her down and knows exactly who and what she is.

Take one headstrong and impulsive woman with a special gift and one determined and powerful man who embodies the term protector and you have the main characters in A Strangerís Touch.  Tempest has suffered for her gifts and the misplaced guilt over things in her past.  Marcus has had to work hard to put the family business back together once he became of age.  Marcus and Tempest do not have an easy time finding their place together, but I thought that all the struggles they faced just made their relationship that much richer.  Now while searching for answers from the past, both Marcus and Tempest have to figure out exactly whom they can trust and with what.  There were several times I thought that neither Marcus nor Tempest would end up together Ė that there was just too many secrets between them.  However Ms. London circled her suspense, cliffhangers and most importantly, the finding of the love between Marcus and Tempest in such a way that I never would have guessed the true ending.  A Strangerís Touch has a wonderful combination of characters, plot and grabs you pretty fast to make a great book.  I am going to go searching for the third sisterís book now so I can see the true ending.


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