A Sprite’s Tale by Lexxie Couper

Christmas Cookies

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-207-2

Reviewed by Jo



Nick St. Nick, yes that is his family, has taken over the sleigh and reindeer to finish the all-important deliveries.  Nick knows that his uncle, Santa, needs to get some R&R and this is his way of enforcing it.  But that was all before he had a close encounter with a Qanta Stratos 1500 and is now tumbling along with the sleigh, presents, and reindeer to an Australian beach.  Whew, no one was hurt and now all Nick has to do is gather up the presents, re-harness the reindeer (once he finds them all) and get back on the way. 

Chrissie answered the call from the original St. Nick and she is more than ready to help him out by distracting Nick.  Now that she actually sees him, hot and ready comes to mind.  Chrissie is an Australian bushland sprit and she doesn’t get much human connection and is going to savor every bit of this.

Nick knows that some female has him in her power and he is quickly forgetting all about reindeer and presents.   Hot, and more than ready, Nick just wants to touch, see and seriously taste his hidden sprite.  Yep, he knows it has to be a sprite.  Chrissie was all for a bit of sexy fun, but once she touches Nick it seems to become way more than that.  Chrissie and Nick are going to have fun opening up their presents.

A Sprite’s Tale is one seriously hot tale or is it tail?  Chrissie is all for helping out when she gets the call about Nick.  Nick has great intentions when his adventure starts only to find himself wrecked on a beach.  When Chrissie starts distracting Nick it turns into a sexy and fun romp with that added touch of Christmas magic.  I was alternating between smiles and laughter while reading just how Chrissie was going to distract Nick.  Nick and Chrissie really heat up the Australian beaches on Christmas Eve when even the normal temperature heats up.  A Sprite’s Tale will take any cold winter night into a hot and sexy one.  You might want to have something cold standing by.


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