A Sexual Spark by Skylar Sinclair


Paranormal, Shape-shifter, HFN

ISBN: 978-1-906590-99-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



While working her shift at Freaks, Loren Westley is blasted in her tracks when a tall, dark stranger saunters in.   She canít place what kind of being he is but that doesnít keep her from deciding that before the night is over she plans on getting to know him very well.  Sure heís dangerous, deadly looking, seeps trouble from his pours, and way too hot to pass up.  Loren is the kind of girl who grabs danger with both hands, and from the size of his feet, she wonít be disappointed.

With a sarcastic, self-deprecating first person narrative reminiscent of LK Hamiltonís Anita Blake and a nice splash of humor, A Sexual Spark grabbed me from Lorenís first exclamation of ďOh shit!Ē  When Mr. Ultimate Hotness waltzed into Freaks, his appearance reminded me of a JR Ward Black Dagger brother bad-ass.  Donít let that mislead you.  Yes, thereís a taste of Charlaine Harris in Lorenís occupation.  Still sheís no Sookie Stackhouse, and the object of her instantly wet panties is no Bill Compton or Wrath.

Whatever, whoever inspired Ms. Sinclair to write this story, Iím grateful.  It was fun, frisky and fabulously hot-to-trot, holding its own in the bondage sleaze factor so well that the naughty girl in me grinned the entire time.  Reading time well spent and without regret. 


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