A Sensible Match by Teryl Cartwright



ISBN: 978-0979332777

Reviewed by Tanya



Abby canít believe that her parents are doing this to her.  She is going to be forced to wed in an arranged marriage.  All along she has said that she wants to marry for love like her parents now they seem to think this arrangement is the only way she will be married.  Too bad that when she sees the man she is to wed she thinks he is handsome.  Especially when she overhears what his opinion of her and this arrangement is.  Now not only will she fight her parents but she will not favorably look at Edwin, and make sure he doesnít propose.  That is until she really talks to him and finds out that she might just be falling in love with him.  But, when tragedy strikes and he pulls away, she knows she will sacrifice her heart if needed to make sure that he is not hurt.

But will Edwin figure out what is going on before it is too late?  More importantly will they both figure out what they want is worth fighting for and not let others destroy their chance at happiness?

A Sensible Match is a heart warming historical story with a lesson or two.  The most noticeable one is never say anything out loud, that you donít want everyone to hear, as you never know who might accidentally hear you.  The second is to make sure that you are not sacrificing your happiness for duty; there is a possibility to have both.  I found that I took turns rooting for both Abby and Edwin.  I found Ms. Cartwright did a fine job making both characters loveable and aggravating in turn.  There is a bit of mystery and intrigue as well in A Sensible Match making it a compelling read.  I hope to see more from Ms. Cartwright in this genre in the future.


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