Archangels Unleashed by Kiernan Kelly

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Paranormal Anthology

ISBN 978-1-60370-536-3

Reviewed by Nannette




Gabriel has come to earth to see if it should be destroyed. He’s staying with earthbound angel Malak and his demon lover Cael. From what Gabriel has heard Earth is not worth saving, until he saves Tommy Barnes from killing himself. Then Gabriel learns first hand that love does exist.

Gabriel and Cael are a blast. They remind me of brothers who constantly bicker.  Gabriel’s unfamiliarity with Earth and its customs is amusing. He’s like a child playing grown up. “Earthbound” makes a dramatic and sensual turn when Gabriel meets Tommy. It’s a fast paced, special kind of love story.


“Healing Hands”

Lucifer has sent Thanatos to take Pistol McKennon to hell. Michael has sent his healer, Raphael, to save Pistol. Pistol and Raphael are about to have their lives changed forever. But is it for the better?    

Pistol is quite a character. He and Raphael make an unlikely couple at first, but they end up making a fine pair. “Healing Hands” proves that in the battle of good vs. evil, true love conquers all!


“Dominion Quod Obsequium”

Michael is lonely and bored so God sends him to Earth where he’ll meet a man who will show him how to let go, relax, and obey.  Michael discovers that relinquishing control is exactly what he needed.

“Dominion Quod Obsequium” turns a warrior angel into a sub. It’s sinfully sexy. With hot sex, some intense emotions, and a great surprise ending, “Dominion Quod Obsequium” is fantastic.

Archangels Unleashed is full of gay fornicating angles. I love it!  Angels having sex and enjoying it is probably considered taboo but that’s what makes Archangels Unleashed so good. Divine intervention has never been so naughty! 


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