A Psychic Hitch by Bekki Lynn

Siren Publishing

ISBN: 1-60601-040-9

Contemporary Erotica

Reviewed by Vicki



A psychic told Cheri that she would one day have a little boy so she decided to speed up the process. Her solution is to find a willing partner to have sex with her, but leave as soon as she is pregnant.

Allen is not ready for love but thinks Cheri should come up with a better plan to have a child.  When work keeps him from meeting Cheri on time, Allen thinks he has lost his chance. That is until he sees the beauty on the beach needing a little first aid.

While I liked A Psychic Hitch for the most part, I found Allen and Cheri's attitude about sex to be lacking in judgment. We know far too much about STD's to be jumping in bed with strangers without condoms. That said, A Psychic Hitch was a good read that kept you hoping that Cheri would accept what Allen is offering.


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