A Passion Draconic by Elisabeth Drake

Liquid Silver Books

Fantasy Shifter

ISBN: 1-59578-295-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Shaiandral has spent most of her life training to become a Healer-Priestess.  As such, when she is summoned to heal the Dragonlord Veren, she is unable to refuse even though as a Sharteka she holds all dragon-shifters in contempt.  Once she arrives at the Dragonlordís castle Shaiandral finds the Veren near death and possessed by a demon.  To cure Veren, Shaiandral will have to sacrifice more than she ever expected, including her aspirations to become a Healer-Priestess.  Believing that her job is done once Veren is free from illness and the demon possession, Shaiandral tries to flee and hide her shame, but finds that Veren has awakened hungers deep within her and Veren will not let her go so easily.

A Passion Draconic is chockfull of shifters, demons and tons of sex.  Shaiandral is an interesting character with her mix of knowledge and power against her powerlessness in the face of her discovered sexual hungers.  Veren is harder to understand, as during most of the book he is possessed by one demon or another.  While the basic premise of A Passion Draconic is interesting, I found as most of the narrative is devoted to such a small space of time in the characterís lives that it felt like reading a single chapter in the middle of a larger book.  Also, it is not a book for the faint of heart, as the sexual encounters range from raunchy and based on lust to treading on the verge of rape.  Get A Passion Draconic for a day when you want mindless, yet raunchy, entertainment.


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