Angel’s Pain by Maggie Shayne

Wings in the Night



ISBN: 978-0778324980

Reviewed by Jo



Briar has had just a couple of things on her mind and the most important one is vengeance.  She is a hard nosed and determined vampire with no heart left after the life she has lead – at least that's her thought on the subject.  Briar has been doing everything possible to meet back up with her mentor Gregor and it isn't for hugs and kisses.  She wants vengeance for everything he put her through while she was with him.   Briar is getting closer to her goal with the group she joined up with, but then how come some of her actions seem to indicate soft feelings for them?

Reaper is a renegade from the government with his own reasons for wanting to find Gregor.  Reaper would also love to get out from under the hold that the agency has on him.  After getting out, he has come to collect his own ragtag group of vampires and humans who are willing to help him put an end to Gregor. He cares for all of them but his prickly Briar might just have a hold on his heart if he can ever get her to admit she has one too.

Matters are getting more and more complicated as Briar and Reaper learn more about Gregor and his past.  Even the government agency seems to be more involved than it should be.  With lives and hearts, both vampire and human, at stake can Briar and Reaper find the answers and defeat Gregor before everything is lost? Is Briar's vengeance really the answer?

Vampires are not supposed to have warm and fuzzy feelings – right?  In Angel's Pain Briar discovers answers that turn her assumptions upside down.  For me this was a “aha” book that answers or solves some of the questions that came up during the series.  Briar has joined Reaper's group and quickly became someone they looked to for answers.  Great just what she wanted. Reaper knows that under the toughness that Briar shows, she is hiding hurt and a tender heart that just needs to feel love.  I found it fun to watch the others in Reaper's group just going along with Briar's attitude all the while knowing that she was not the big toughie.   I ached for Briar as I discovered all she had been put though both as a human and as a vampire.  Reaper showed persistence and love while helping Briar come to terms with her life and her desires.  I totally fell for both of them and was cheering out loud by the end of the book.  I also seemed to have fallen for the rest of Reaper's group and was very happy on their outcomes too.  I immensely enjoyed Angel's Pain and know that it will be in my library for a long time with many re-reads.

While you can read this book as a stand alone, I believe you will go back and discover the rest of the series to get the entire picture.


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