Angel of Death by Leigh Savage

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ISBN:  9781434843012

Reviewed by Jambrea



Mika Shadow is a hired assassin who is charged with stealing an anti-aging drug that could help her long time friend and mentor.  The problem is she finds herself facing the demons who stole her from her mother.  That isnít Mikaís only problem, she is falling for the target going against every rule she has ever set for herself.

Domonic Dagmar is falling for Mika, yet he doesnít know who she truly is.  Can these two fall in love despite the odds?

Angel of Death pulled me in from the beginning.  A few things pulled me from the story as I was reading, but Leigh Savage managed to pull me back in every time.  There is just something about Mika that is not only heartbreaking, but tough.  Iím drawn to her character and despite a few technical things, I loved her story.  Domonic is just what Mika needs and it takes awhile, but she does figure it out.  Ms. Savage also teased about a sequel at the end of Angel of Death.  I canít wait to see what the next story brings.



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