A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

Siren Publishing

Contemporary Cowboy

ISBN: 1-60601-051-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Darlene has only been dating one man and it seems that they only do it in secret, never out in public.  She is ok with this, as she knows in the long run he is not really the man for her.  In fact, she wouldn’t mind spending some time with the new cowboy, Dawson, who has shown up on her ranch to work.  She just doesn’t want to end up with the same reputation as her sister, though she fears certain rumors are true.

Dawson is one hot man, and a cowboy to boot.  He only has eyes for Darlene though.  But Darlene, while drawn to him, can’t place who he is, and when she finds out she is stunned.  But, they have spent a long time away from each other and there are a lot of secrets buried which could derail their new relationship.  Will they get to clear the air or will they be lost to each other forever?

I want to preface my review of A Matter Among Men with the comment that I had an exceptionally hard time reading this story as it was written in the format of the first person.   Others might not have the same issues that I had but for some reason I did not feel like the main character was telling this story, though it was written as if they were.

A Matter Among Men was a super erotic look into lost soul mates and loved ones, while at the same time trying to move on.  It is also a classic example how meddling by others can hurt more than the intended victims, and it can have a huge affect on many others.  Ms. Blaine has a great concept in the dual roles of the sisters and how they deal very differently with their grief, and what they want out of life.  Additionally Ms. Blaine can write some super erotic sex and love scenes.  In the end I found I didn't enjoy A Matter Among Men as I found there was too much information thrown at the reader that I had a hard time believing for a contemporary romance story.  But, as I prefaced some of these feeling might have been due to the writing style.  Take a look at the book blurb and if you are a fan of first person writing you might have a diffident view of the story.


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