Altered Heart by Kate Steele

Loose Id

Erotic M/M Paranormal

ISBN 978-1-59632-822-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Mick Matranga is a werewolf and an enforcer for the Committee for Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement. He’s sent to take in alpha Kevin Sutter who has been accused of abusing and killing one of his pack members. Rio Hardin is Sutter’s current pet. Poor Rio is being horribly abused at Sutter’s hands.  After ridding Rio and the rest of the pack of Sutter, Mick is charged with protecting the newly turned werewolf. Rio has been through a lot in his young life and now he has to face his first were change. Mick is determined to help Rio through the change while keeping his distance. Mick is attracted to Rio but he thinks Rio has been through too much plus Mick thinks he’s too old for Rio. When Rio makes his feelings known, he proves to be a temptation too strong to deny. 

Altered Heart is a May/December story with angst and action. Because Mick feels he shouldn’t be with Rio it makes their coming together that much hotter and sweeter. Mick is a really good guy. He is good to and for Rio. Rio is a young man who’s had a hard time in life. Mick’s kindness, support, and acceptance mean a lot to Rio. Mick gets a second chance at love and Rio gets his first in Altered Heart. It’s a good story.  


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