Along the Hibiscus Path by Jennah Sharpe

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 1-60088-025-8

Reviewed by Tori



Sera Summers is a burnt out anthropologist looking for a change of pace.  Deciding to write a travel book in a small island town, she books her flight.  She does not expect to feel at home when she arrives and she certainly did not expect to find herself attracted to two very different men.  Will she pick the loveable Cristian, or the temperamental Manuel?

Along the Hibiscus Path had a good baseline for a story.  The fairytale idea of going on a working vacation and meeting the love of your life made me pick it up.  Unfortunately, bland characters and bad chemistry between the main characters made it impossible for me to believe that Sera would pick either man.  I actually rooted for the other guy for a bit because he was more interesting even though the picked guy was nicer.  I never quite understood the reason that Manuel did not want Sera to write her book, or why his grandmother was a secret.  In the end, it was just disappointing and I hoped that a third better guy would come along.


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