Almost Like Being in Love by Christina Dodd

Lost Texas Hearts, Book 2


Contemporary Suspense

ISBN-10: 0743456181

Reviewed by Tori



Jackie Porter is running.  She saw her mentor shoot someone and now she is going to run back to the place that she felt the safest in her life.  Unfortunately, everything has changed in the years she has been gone from the Idaho Ranch that belonged to her Foster Mother, including the death of the woman that meant so much to her.  Can Jackie, or Pepper Prescott, find safety in her old home?

Dan Graham has been taking care of the ranch until he could find Pepper to tell her about her inheritance, but until he did find her he had been using it to uncover a secret plot in the military.  Once that assignment was over he planned on retiring from the military for good.  When Pepper shows up before things are settled he worries about keeping his ex love safe.  Will the two be able to get past the hurt and pains of the past and find love with each other?

This is Book Two of the Lost Texas Hearts series about siblings that lose their family in a tragedy.  This book is about the middle child.

Almost like Being in Love is very far fetched, but it was fun to read anyway.  The Terrorist Plot that touched both Pepper, and Danís lives was interesting and complex and it kept me reading despite overly dramatic wording and plot lines.  I am looking forward to reading the next book.


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