All Chained Up by Brynn Paulin

Torrid Tarot Four of Wands

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419912801

Reviewed by Amelia



Kerra Thornton is on the run from her stepbrother, who believes she is hiding money from an inheritance. She doesnít stay in one place very long, but he always manages to find her.

During one of her stays, she finds a job at a construction site, owned by Cress Construction where she meets Theo Cress, a Dominant in search of a submissive. Kerra agrees to be his sub, and then she hears from Cary, her stepbrother, and she runs.

With the help of his brother, Theo finds her, and reminds her that she belongs to him. But life intrudes, in a very unpleasant way, and the lovers must fight her brother, and forces that donít understand them. Can they stay together as Dom and sub?

All Chained Up starts with a bang, and doesnít let up until the last page of the book. I feel in love with Kerra, who faced not only losing her parents but putting up with her brother, who was a royal jerk. Theo is the perfect Dom for her, strong and knowledgeable. And very creative. His use of chains, and other instruments, had me squirming at times.

This novella features characters from Paulinís previous novels, which I have not read. But that didnít stop my enjoyment of All Chained Up. It is a well-written, well-researched tale of BDSM that will keep lovers of the genre entranced.


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