Acquisitions and Mergers: The Four of Wands by Lucius Parhelion

Torquere Press

Early Twentieth Century (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-474-8, 1-60370-474-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Trip is well known for being a social misfit, yet a brilliant scientist that has the looks of a football linebacker as well as for not quite hiding the fact the he is gay.  When his cousin Melinda died, her husband, and Tripís business partner, Bob became the focus of whatever social attentions Trip had to spare Ė but he never imagined that at one point Bob would start courting him like a lover.  Dare he take Bob seriously or is this just a lonely manís attempt not to drown?

Bob is all business, except when it comes to Trip.  First as his wifeís cousin and then as his business partner, Bob always had his eye on Trip.  What Bob didnít realize was that all this time Trip interested him more than as just a friend Ė it took Melindaís death and Tripís constant presence to make thing clear for Bob, but will Trip take him seriously?

Acquisitions and Mergers: The Four of Wands is a heartwarming story about love, death and new loves discovered.  Trip is a singularly likeable character in his utter social cluelessness mixed with scientific brilliance and an occasional ounce of insight.  Bob is harder to decipher, yet he is just as compelling a character with his genuine grief for his dead wife and newfound love for Trip.  The best part of this story is all the dancing that Bob and Trip do around one another while things become clear, yet no one knows who is really in the driverís seat of this romance until the very end.  This compelling and charming story has definitely placed Lucius Parhelion in my list of authors to watch out for!  Acquisitions and Mergers: The Four of Wands is a great read full of surprises and passion perfect for readers who like their romance with a spice of emotional intrigue before ending in the expected HEA.


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