A Cowboy's Dream by Anna Kathryn Lanier

Yellow Rose

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya



Marcus Slade has been intrigued by his downstairs neighbor (Leah) for a while now, but she is quite different than the “bat bunnies” that normally follow his baseball career.  She doesn’t have bleached blond hair or an enhanced bust line to name a few things.  But, Marcus senses a connection between himself and Leah and wants to pursue it.

Leah is a romance writer who has had a crush on her baseball playing neighbor since she was a teen and saw him while visiting her Aunt and Uncle.  But Leah knows it is just that a crush and a dream, he would never go for a girl such as herself.  She is a little overweight and not quite as endowed as his normal girlfriends.

What will happen when the two meet by chance and even find some mutual ground, her writing, which could keep them both entertained?  Will her insecurities and his past keep them apart?

I found A Cowboy’s Dream to be a fast paced fun read.  I always love to see how authors portray their profession as part of a story and A Cowboy’s Dream does not disappoint in this area.  I enjoy thinking of tough athletes picking a romance to read on the side.  If you want a sweet “pick me up” for the pre-holiday season I think you should pick up A Cowboy’s Dream.


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