A Cinderella Christmas by Stacy Dawn

Noelle, Alberta – Book 3

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya



In a town where Christmas is not just a once a year holiday, Angie’s mother has gone off the deep end.  Or at least Angie is convinced of this when she announced that she is going to “gift her with a man” for Christmas.  Now all the men within 10 years of her late 20’s age range are asking her to save a dance at the upcoming wedding.  The biggest problem is that while Angie doesn’t want any of the men asking her to dance she is too polite to turn them down.

Now Wes O’Connor, local dairy farmer, is only a little confused about why he is the only man in town who hasn’t been approached by Angie’s mother.   You see, Mrs. Bellini has hated him for years, ever since the ill-fated attempt to impress Angie back in High School.  You would think that after so many years, Mrs. Bellini would give him credit for being a successful businessman as well as for growing up.

Now Angie has hatched up a plan.  Date the one man her mother hates.  What will happen when the plan to fool her mother takes on a different feeling?  Angie doesn’t want it to be pretend dating.  She thinks she may have found the fairytale ending.  But, will she mess things up while trying to get her mother to stop interfering?

Welcome back to the Town of Noelle in Alberta, Canada where Christmas seems to be a way of life. I have enjoyed a number of the different tales centered on this town by the talented Ms. Dawn of The Wild Rose Press and A Cinderella Christmas is no different. I loved the not-so-secret matchmaking by Angie’s mother and laughed out loud at her word fumbles.  You will want a plate of cookies, a glass of something festive and a nice cozy area to read this story, if not you will be off looking for cinnamon buns, and hot dairy farmer’s buns to go with them.  I completely enjoyed A Cinderella Christmas and think you will also enjoy this fast-paced festive story.


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