Absolutely Not by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419913457

Reviewed by Lisa



Once Maisy Morganfield divorces her jerk of a husband she starts to make changes that completely overhaul her life such as losing over one hundred pounds, getting a great job at Persimmon Travel Agency and making friends.

The ex has an unexpected stroke and when Maisy pays her respects at his funeral she unfortunately runs into the current wife. There is no love lost between Maisy and Sharon, the bitch.  Maisy also runs into a hunk there who completely captivates her, until she finds out that he’s the bitch’s brother.

It’s too bad Keller Fitch has a horrible sister because Maisy and Keller really hit it off when they forget their family connection.  Maisy’s boss, Norman knows these two belong together and with any luck they will get so into each other that nothing else will matter.  Maybe Maisy can forget about the bitch and concentrate on the hunk who thinks she’s perfect for him.

Absolutely Not is a modern romance with delightful main characters and decidedly obnoxious relatives.  With humor and charm we watch their romance begin and flourish in this bumpy road toward love.  Sharon however is completely awful and never manages to endear herself.  In fact, it’s hard to believe Keller is related to someone who brings this story down.  Absolutely Not shows charm in this madcap tale but I wish the bitch had quieted down much sooner.


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