A Bride For His Convenience

by Edith Layton

Avon Books


ISBN: 978978-0-06-125367-6

Reviewed by Niki Lee



What happens when you marry for convenience but then fall in love… with your own wife?  In A Bride for His Convenience by Edith Layton, the couple at the heart of the story are in for a rocky beginning to their “bought” marriage.

Lord Ian Sutcombe is looking for a woman of substantial money among the commoners, as no one of the higher classes would marry someone as penniless as he is.  Reduced to a poor state of finances due to a horrid stepmother, Ian must find someone willing to exchange money for his title.

Hannah Leeds has just had her heartbroken when marriage to Lord Sutcombe is suggested.  Wealthy, but common, she fits the requirements – someone with money, a family that would benefit from her new title and isn’t atrocious. 

What starts off as a very polite, if boring marriage, gradually changes into more.  Sizzling sex, confusion as things are said and not said, as well as the return of Hannah’s heartbreaker, make for a fiery romance.

I thought ’A Bride for His Convenience’ was well written, with a realistic pacing of the feelings between the two protagonists.  The action moved along and the characters were enjoyable.  There were times I wanted to smack the couple and make them come to their senses, but that is what makes for an enjoyable read.


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