Puma by Jorrie Spencer

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-60504-221-8

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Callie is a puma shape shifter.  Having spent the majority of the last year in shifted, cat form, she finally becomes human again and is at the home of her foster sister.  Although Callie has always been welcome where her sister lives, this home is different.  Her sister and the other two inhabitants of the house Ďbelongí to the owner, Scott.  They arenít talking and the scenario keeps getting weirder and weirder.  When her foster sister demands that she leave because Scott wants her gone, Callie promises to leave in a few days.  She has to get to the bottom of Scottís control first, never suspecting the evil she will find and the love that she will discover in Dev Malik.

Jorrie Spencer has to write some of the most original storylines I have ever come across.  Just when I thought I had Puma figured out, it would go in a different direction and while I thought I knew what the story was going to entail, I didnít.  Her suspenseful and well thought out writing kept me pretty much in suspense the entire time.  I had a hard time understanding why the occupants of Scottís house were so much under his control but that became pretty clear the more I read.

Suspenseful, chilling, and powerful, Puma is a shape shifting novel unlike any I have ever read.  Available at Samhain, donít miss it!


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