Grounds for Love by Maureen Mackey



ISBN: 978-1-587496-03-5

Reviewed by Tanya




Ty, a talented entrepreneur, who started with just one coffee cart and a plan.  Now his plan is ready to take off, if he can just get the financing to open the store of his dreams, he even has a location near one of his carts.  He knows just the guy, Ralph Ellison who is known to make good investments when he sees them.  The only issue is that to get the money, Ralph is forcing Ty to use a specific woman as his PR person.  Rather than lose the financing Ty decides to meet Jenny and see if he can figure out what her connection to Ralph is, and if she is any good at newsletters and PR promotions.

Ty is instantly drawn to Jenny when he meets her, even though her dog Baby turns him into a human pancake.  He is so drawn to Jenny that he is willing to overlook not only the car eating Baby but the fact Jenny is a confirmed tea drinker.

Baby saved Jenny one upon a time and now Jenny uses him not only as a shield but if Baby doesnít approve of the person, Jenny wonít work with or date them.  But, she canít help but be drawn to Ty, and finds herself even going out on a date with him, something she hasnít done in years.  But, if she learns how Ty came to employ her, and why he is pushing her to work for him, will all be lost?  Will she listen to Ty when he tries to explain or will this tea drinker get rid of coffee in her life for good?

Grounds for Love is an interesting concept for a story as it deals with how one incident in someone's lives can take over how they deal with everything, while others around them do not completely understand.  I found Ms. Mackey did a wonderful job in writing believable characters in both Jenny and Ty.  Then there is Baby who is probably the most loveable character in the story, as well as the scariest.  Grounds for Love has a number of twists and turns from blackmail, jealousy, attraction, and learning to deal with past issues.  Ms. Mackey was able to pull all of these items together and make a fast paced fun to read story that will have you smiling.  I enjoyed Grounds for Love and think you too will smile, and even laugh, while reading this story.


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