Binding Discoveries by Claire Thompson

Ellora's Cave

Contemporary, Light Bondage

ISBN: 9781419915505

Reviewed by Zayn



Olivia and Tom are a happy couple.  When Olivia's ex-boyfriend Mark reenters her life the three become friends but the friendship changes into a lot more.  Mark introduces the couple to the world of BDSM and Olivia and Tom are apt pupils as Mark brings out Olivia's submissive side and makes Tom question his heterosexuality. As the trio's relationship develops Olivia's unresolved feelings for Mark from their previous relationship come to the fore and jealousy rears its ugly head.  Eventually, three becomes a crowd.  Who will be the one to go? 

Binding Discoveries took Olivia, Tom and Mark on quite the emotional journey.  Ménage and BDSM were the tools Olivia and Tom needed to uncover the hidden depths of their sexuality and by teaching them, Mark learned a lot about his own feelings.  Ms Thompson continues to wield the BDSM sword with consummate skill.



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