Sexy Devil by Sasha White
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0758219909
Reviewed by Indy



The Devil Inside

Meeting a blind date who Caleb hopes will get him back on the fast track to dating isnít something he would normally do, but after being burned by his ex, Calebís in need of a little reassurance. Gina knows itís wrong to misrepresent who she is to the handsome hunk but sheís had a vision of him in her future and sheís ready to take a chance on love. Gina and Caleb spend a whirlwind evening together that transcends the lie Gina has told.  

Finding out that Gina is not the woman he was set up to meet isnít enough to keep Caleb away but her adamancy about her ďpowersĒ is something he canít wrap his mind around. Caleb doesnít believe in things that arenít easily explained, but if he and Gina are ever to fulfill their fate and be together, he will have to learn to accept the unacceptable.


Devilís Jewel

In the successor to The Devil Inside, Angelo aka Devil, brother to Gina and mind reader to boot provides us with a closer look at his life. Needing his sisterís help with a missing personís case, Angelo must use Gina for her premonition talent. Hunting for a demon is tough business but right in line with the job he has kept secret from even his sister. A hired gun, fighting not only humans but also the paranormal creatures that are on this earth to do us harm.

Jewel, the sister of a half shifter who has been kidnapped by the demon Angel is haunting, doesnít trust anyone. After her gypsy family left her only living relative in the hands of the demon, she knows she can only trust herself to set her sister free. Together, Jewel and Angel will work with family and friends to stop the demon opening portals all over the earth while they both come to terms with feelings neither could have foreseen.


Mountain Retreat Ė Bonus Read  

An appearance of his first love sets off alarm bells for Mac Goodman but also reawakens all the emotions of the last time they were together and in love.  He hasnít seen Nikki Marks in years but that hasnít stilled the love heís always had for her. Unsure why she is there or what she is hiding, all he knows is he will do whatever it takes to protect her from whatever sheís running from.


In this compilation of stories that has a variety of paranormal treats, from gypsies, an empath and even a shapeshifter, Sexy Devil has a little something for everyone. The Devil Inside, which I have to admit was my favorite of all three, has the instant attraction, an unbeliever, and a heroine with the ability to see the future. This was a pretty light story considering the heroine had a lot of convincing to do with the man of her future if she was ever going to have the love she deserved.

The follow-up story Devilís Jewel raised the action level by adding in a few more supernatural aspects. There is tons of action and even a demon that made this story with its fascinating cast of characters impossible to put down until the last page was read. This story also turned into a happy for now for the main couple but that ending fit and as a reader, Iím happy to see the author didnít force an undying love before it had a chance to grow.

Last but not least Mountain Retreat, the sole quickie of the bunch, was an instant hit. It was a powerful story told in a manner that left you loving Mac and Nikki and wanting them to find the happiness that had eluded them in the past. Overall I believe readers will enjoy this set of stories and as usual, Ms. White has done an excellent job in designing stories that not only speak to you but throw you into a world filled with excitement and love.


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